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Sandy McClure

A Success Story of

Building Again

After 26 years as a school teacher, Sandy McClure began her journey with network marketing—a surprising path she did not expect to take. She made her first direct sales purchase solely to support her niece, but she quickly fell in love with the products and continued to buy them.

Over time, Sandy’s niece repeatedly urged her to sell the products herself, an invitation that was so unappealing to Sandy that she threatened to stop buying altogether if her niece made the suggestion one more time.

“I was a total skeptic. It didn’t seem like a credible thing, because I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I wasn’t open minded and there’s a lot of people out there like me. Part of my success lies in that: that I don’t discount the fact that people will feel that way. And I don’t get offended by that, because I was one of those people.”

Eventually, Sandy began to better understand the opportunity before her. The reality was that she really believed in the products, and they were something she could back. The timing was right with her teaching career, so with this change in perspective, she decided to begin her own journey in network marketing. 

Sandy took the leap and founded a successful business with another company; but after growing her team for over 6 years, the compensation plan unexpectedly changed.

“It was a horrible, awful time for everybody. Some people caught wind of the compensation change early on, and many people jumped ship. I was one of the top leaders, and it was really hard to not just follow what everyone else was doing. But I didn’t get caught in that trap. For me I just had to sit back and wait, and decide what I wanted to do. I got offers that were unbelievable, but for me I just couldn’t—I couldn’t put my name on those products.”

While she still promotes and believes in those products, the new business model no longer sustained Sandy’s financial and business goals. It was about that time that she was introduced to LifeVantage. 

As a breast cancer survivor, Sandy understands the importance of good health and nutrition, which led her to start taking the LifeVantage® products. She fell in love with the products, and 4 months later she started over in network marketing—this time with LifeVantage. 

Within 8 months she achieved Elite Pro 7 rank, and she continues to successfully build and support her team. Most recently she secured a top 5 spot in the Sales Influencer Promotion.*

For Sandy, the most important thing is truly believing in the products she is promoting, and LifeVantage makes that possible. She prefers the products over anything she has ever found in the store, and she also loves that they are evidence based, backed by peer reviewed studies. 

She maintains her focus in building a team and growing her business because she wants more people to have the products. Sandy is so confident in them that she does a lot of sampling so others can see for themselves, and this is largely how she has built her business.

“I am really careful about what I put my name on, and what I put my stamp on. It’s important to me. I’m with LifeVantage 100% for the product. I really feel like I’m where I was supposed to be all along.”

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

¹ LifeVantage does not promise the financial success of any Consultant. Your success depends on your skill, fortitude, dedication, and your ability to lead others to emulate these qualities. Nothing in LifeVantage Compensation Plan is a representation that you will be financially successful. LifeVantage does not guarantee any income or Rank success. The financial results achieved by LifeVantage Consultants are published in the LifeVantage Income Disclosure Statement.

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