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Amy Holmwood

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Health and Wellness

Born in Philadelphia and raised in Grass Valley, CA, Amy Holmwood grew up with her fair share of health risks and scares. From asthma to lyme disease – her Chef Mother (and organic food movement pioneer) guided her through healthy, whole, sustainable living – often directly from their farm, to their table.

Amy understood vitamins, minerals, health, and the human genome better in her youth than most learn in their lifetime. Protecting and serving her DNA was … well, in her DNA. So it made sense that a year after retiring at the age of 50 from a successful career in estate and financial planning – including several years working alongside her father in a family business – she came out of retirement, and started up another business. This time combining the best of both her parents’ worlds.

Amy took to LifeVantage like a Biohacker takes to changing the world. And the world is exactly where she sought change. With distributorships strong in Asia, she’s also branched out with teams in Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.

As if being a Master Pro 10 wasn’t enough, Amy has also gone back to school to continue her pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Biotechnology at Johns Hopkins University. And if that weren’t enough to keep her busy, the long-time Marylander and her husband, Ed, are gearing up for a move across the country to Park City, Utah, later this year. Perhaps more than anything, however, Holmwood is absolutely fixated on helping others get to where she now is. ¹

¹ LifeVantage does not promise the financial success of any Consultant. Your success depends on your skill, fortitude, dedication, and your ability to lead others to emulate these qualities. Nothing in LifeVantage Compensation Plan is a representation that you will be financially successful. LifeVantage does not guarantee any income or Rank success. The financial results achieved by LifeVantage Consultants are published in the LifeVantage Income Disclosure Statement.

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